Aurora Craft

VIECC proudly presents – Aurora Craft

100 Blumen

This is a ‘first’ - our very own craft beer, brewed especially for the VIECC Vienna Comic Con. The special top-fermenting beer is made from a rare strain of Aurora hops, it’s brewed by 100 Blumen, a Vienna craft beer brewery, and will be available at the VIECC.

Until then you’ll be able to purchase the beer in the following shops, providing stocks are available:


Somewhere on the outskirts of Vienna there’s an abandoned factory building. Very little remains of the splendour of days long gone when this was a busy place and the factory was run by a wealthy industrialist.

Back then, around 150 years ago, morals were hard to find and the crime rate was high. Aurora – a young girl from a humble background, found shelter here as a servant of a rich industrialist and his family. From a very early age, Aurora was surrounded by a strange ‘aura’. She seemed dainty yet potent; almost like a rose – beautiful, gentle, but also dangerous. Few could escape her charm. Soon, the master of the house fell in love with the wonderful Aurora. It was a love she also requited, but their mutual passion was soon discovered. The revenge of the master’s betrayed and embittered wife was cruel.

She swore that never again would a man lose his heart to the enigmatic Aurora. Her plan was to ruin Aurora’s beauty by disfiguring her, and struck Aurora’s face with a red-hot poker! Aurora’s beauty was now terribly flawed and she could only leave the house under cover of darkness to avoid pitying and disapproving stares. Nevertheless, the pain Aurora was caused made her even stronger – it made her immortal.

So, to this day she moves around under the shroud of darkness, while fighting to make sure no innocent lover ever has to suffer the way she did for her love. Ever since that fateful day, Aurora’s mission has been to offer help and protection to all lovers.

The disfigurement caused by the burn was never enough to annihilate Aurora’s beauty completely. She is also very skilled at concealing this visible symbol of unfulfilled desires from curious gazes. Yet she stills feels safest under the protection of darkness. Almost nobody ever catches a glimpse of her, and those who do are immediately enraptured by her hypnotic aura. Men who do sight her ask themselves: “Who is this strange young lady, who looks like she comes from another age?”

Night-time is the best time for Aurora’s mission – and this is her slogan:

Whoever you love – don’t let anyone or anything stop you!

And here’s our slogan: Bring together those who belong together!
Here you can be who you want to be. Be who you want to be at the VIECC!
It's your weekend of the year!

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