Thomas Brezina

Thomas Brezina is an absolute icon – whether as an author for children’s books, youth or adult, as a screenwriter, television presenter or producer! His book series Die Knickerbocker Bande, Ein Fall für Dich und das Tiger-Team as well as Tom Turbo and the corresponding cult TV show are classics! Since 2017 Brezina has also been active on Instagram and inspires his fans with his positive attitude and his joy in the big and small things in everyday life. He is an absolute all-rounder and has some unforgettable specials prepared for the VIECC.

Thomas Brezina will be at the VIECC both days, signing autographs and of course being available for photos. On Saturday evening there will be a lecture for his adult fans on the topic “With joy to success” and on Sunday an exciting participatory event for younger visitors: the “Ratekrimi mit Tom Turbo und der Knickerbocker Bande”. If you would like to get in the mood for his appearance at the VIECC, please have a look here: