Steven Seagal

Known from:
Above the Law: Nico Toscani (Cop, who cleans up with Aikido and guns)
Hard to Kill: Mason Storm (Policeman, who takes revenge for the assassination of his wife)
Under Siege: Casey Ryback (Ex-SEAL and cook, who single handily liberates a battleship from bad guys)
Machete: Rogelio Torrez (Seagals first role as a villain)

Steven Seagal is one of the most successful action stars, with more than 40 films and two TV series in his portfolio. Between 1973 and 1988, Seagal lived in Japan and studied Zen, Aikido, Kendo, Judo and Karate. He was the first non-Asian to run a martial arts school in Japan and now wears the black belt (7th Dan) in Aikido.

Through one of his students, Seagal made the leap into the film business - with his first leading role in Above the Law. With further action crackers like Hard to Kill, Marked for Death or Out for Justice he strengthened his action career until he finally started to produce his films himself or to participate in the production. This was followed by commercial success with Under Siege.

His first appearance as a villain in Robert Rodriguez's cult film Machete is also unforgettable. Seagal now lives in Russia, tours with his band as an enthusiastic blues guitarist and continues to make films such as Attrition (2018) or General Commander (2019).

Did you know that…

... Steven Seagal speaks Japanese fluently, practices Buddhism, is an ordained priest of the Japanese religious community Omoto and has even been declared a Tulku by a Tibetan Lama, i.e. the reincarnation of a Tibetan master?

... he is an honorary deputy sheriff in Louisiana? There he took part in patrols and gave shooting lessons, among other things - to be seen in the reality TV series Stephen Seagal: Lawman.


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