Markus „Mawil“ Witzel

Markus "Mawil" Witzel is the first German artist allowed to take on the comic icon Lucky Luke! On 02.05.2019 "Lucky Luke sattelt um!” was published - a crazy and fast-paced homage. The cowboy, who pulls his colt faster than his shadow, suddenly ends up in a saddle that could not be stranger to him: the saddle of a bike! Mawil has truly earned the honour of drawing Lucky Luke: in 2014, he won the renowned Max and Moritz Prize for "Best Comic" with "Kinderland" and his comics appear regularly in the Sunday supplement of the "Tagesspiegel" as well as in the "Familie" magazine of the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. Look forward to unique sketches by Lucky Luke in a bicycle saddle!