Jack Dylan Grazer

Known from:
It / It Chapter 2: Eddie Kaspbrak (Part of the brave gang that tackles famous horror clown Pennywise)
Shazam!: Frederick „Freddy“ Freeman (first sidekick and then real superhero at Shazam’s side)

His acting career has only just started and yet Jack Dylan Grazer with his almost 16 years already has several top-class leading roles on his account. In the horror remake It he played the asthma-plagued Eddie Kaspbrak and confronted Pennywise, probably the most famous horror clown of all time. Afterwards he was to be seen at Steve Carell's side in the drama Beautiful Boy.

In the DC hit Shazam! Grazer gave the best buddy and sidekick of the title-giving superhero - before he (spoiler alarm) finally gets to enjoy the magical superpowers of the magician Shazam himself.

Also in It Chapter 2 Grazer will be seen again as Eddie Kaspbrak. For the future, we can look forward to two more appearances that are top-notch: In the indie thriller Don't Tell A Soul he plays the leading role alongside Rainn Wilson and Mena Suvari and also in a leading role in the HBO-Sky production We Are Who We Are by Suspiria producer Luca Guadagino.

Did you know that…

… Jack Dylan Grazer comes from a family of filmmakers? His father is a screenwriter, his uncle a producer and his stepmother an actress and producer.

... besides filmmaking, his hobbies include skateboarding, boogie boarding and surfing?


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