The name of the German writer Kai Meyer is emblazoned on around 50 novels plus several screenplays, radio plays and comics. A resounding name since 1994, when he had his breakthrough with his first fictional novel “Die Geisterseher”, followed by the bestseller “Die Alchimistin”. The “Merle” trilogy, beginning with “Die fließende Königin”, became his first international success. Several million copies of his books have been sold worldwide. Translations are available in over 30 languages; there are editions in the US, UK, Japan, Italy, France, Spain and Russia. His latest work “Serafin – das kalte Feuer” is the next instalment in the “Merle” trilogy. 



The eternity project

When Dr. Sarah Berger steps outside the door of her home on a peaceful morning, she realizes that Hills View isn't just quiet - it's too quiet. All residents disappeared overnight. But where? How could an entire city be evacuated completely silently and why did the residents meticulously clean their houses before leaving the city?

The young doctor begins to decipher what is behind the mysterious events in Hills View, but she is already in the middle of the eternity project. With all scientific logic, escaping from this will not be easy, because the laws of physics no longer apply. Even a cup of coffee is not what it seems ...


Cat treasure

Everything for the cat? Hanna Nolden and Lisa Dröttboom prove that the four-legged friends have it tough. Whether crooked and crooked or with only three legs: every cat can tell an exciting story. We'll tell you four of them in our family-friendly reading.


Brothers of Darkness

Connel, Captain of the Alb Tear, together with his android Leyxor and the enmean Cleena, are on the trail of secrets that lie 600 years in the past. He has to realize that the galaxy is not only made up of good and evil and that his own species is the greatest mystery.



Everything for the cat? Hanna Nolden and Lisa Dröttboom prove that the four-legged friends have it tough. Whether crooked and crooked or with only three legs: every cat can tell an exciting story. We'll tell you four of them in our family-friendly reading.


Silence and Chaos

The cruel avenger threatens humanity. Only one person has the ability to stop him - Corvin West. But he's dangerous. Fatal. Uncontrollable. That is why he was banished and locked away. But now they need him. The 18-year-old Jill is to persuade Corvin to bring down the avenger.

There's just one problem: Corvin killed Jill's father. How can she save the world together with her archenemy?


Archibald Leach and the Monstrosities of the Marquis de Mortemarte

The headstrong Archibald Leach and the tinkerer Sarah Goldberg are drawn into the machinations of the unscrupulous Marquis de Mortemarte. The villain turns people into monsters to blackmail the world's governments. With the help of bizarre allies and dubious inventions, the heroes try to prevent the impending war. Their path leads them across four continents and their own borders. Need more keywords? Alright Zeppelins, cliffhans, lesbian killers, air pirates, voodoo and a whole bunch of crazy stuff.


Welcome to Tradea - where the dead rise from their graves!

When Sergent Erik Zejn is demoted and transferred from the capital to the foothills, he reckons with uneventfulness and boredom. But then the dead rise from the graves and attack the living.

Zejn faces the greatest challenge of his life: in order to save the people, he has to figure out how to send the dead back underground forever. The only one who seems to know more about the uncanny process is the herb witch Mirage, but Zejn is sure that she cannot be trusted.


Risen (Black Blood 1)

Vienna in 1365: sword fighting is Elyssa's secret passion. As blood-drinking creatures called Strigois infiltrate the city and leave a trail of violence, blood and death behind them, Elyssa's abilities suddenly become essential for survival. She fights - and loses. But in a city where corpses leave their graves, not everything that dies remains dead. Elyssa returns. Stronger. More determined. And so much hungrier.

Road to Ombus

Seth, Lord of Ombos and renegade god of chaos, suddenly finds himself in modern Las Vegas. Nobody fears him, nobody pays homage to him and his divine powers no longer obey him. Fortunately, he doesn't have to go through this predicament alone. Tara, Billy and Fernando, a group of outsiders looking for apartments, take the fallen god under their wing and initiate him into the magic of punk, bikes and beer. Seth could almost get used to this existence - but then homeless people start to disappear from the city. Apparently, Seth is not the only god who has ended up in this time, and not all are so kind to mortals. A threat of transcendent proportions is brewing on the Vegas horizon. Will Seth be able to withstand her without his strength?


Berlin - rusty heart

Berlin, the restless city by the sea. Here the towers of the magicians soar into the sky. Lush parties are celebrated in the glow of the incandescent lights. Sugar is weighed in gold and the secret police watch over the fragile peace between wizards and inventors. The inventor Mathilda loves Rosa of all people, the daughter of the magical grand master of Berlin. Just like the sorcerer's apprentice Fidelio. Both want to confess their feelings to Rosa at her birthday party, but they are not the only ones with plans for the evening. A murderer has mingled with the guests.


The ghosts of the past

The Logan War was over 350 years ago. But creatures are still ruthlessly persecuted and killed - ironically in the face of an impending galactic conflict.

Because after the 1714 rose up in order not to repeat the mistakes of their predecessors, the Asmini recognized the superiority of their spaceships over the Hondh and the Nilrem found a way to imprison their former masters, a cooperation of all threatened peoples would be advantageous.

But hate, ambition and the burning desire for revenge stand in the way.


The butcher of Simmering

Vienna 1984. The horribly mutilated corpse of 17-year-old student Andrea Reiter is found in the Hasenleiten municipal housing estate. The whole of Vienna is appalled by the violent crime. But before the police can catch the killer, there are more hideously beaten up dead. The killer strikes even among the city's supernatural populations.

Only when private detective Bernd Waidmann is drawn into the case by a mysterious client does the investigation begin to move. It soon becomes clear that the murdered student had secrets.

Bernd Waidmann and BASILISK quickly get caught between the fronts. Can you hold your own against underworld thugs, monsters, witches, wild lust and rock music and stop the butcher of Simmering? A race against time begins.