Artist Alley (AA)

200+ artists show how they create their masterpieces and sell comic strips, artworks and posters!

Cosplay Central (CC)

Meet Europe's best cosplayers and see how your favourite characters from film, TV, gaming and manga come to life.


VIECC Championships of Cosplay presented by FM4

Apply now by filling out our application form!

Come one, come all! Do your cosplay and have fun at VIECC.

Roleplay Corner (RPC)

Pen & Paper, Tabletop, RPG and Live Action Roleplay - the Roleplay Corner offers a fantastic range of activities, games, shows for everyone interestend in Sci-Fi and fantasy.

23 - 24 November 2019

Esports tournaments, live streamer, free-to-play areas and much more! The VIECC Vienna Challengers Arena has everything your gamer-heart desires!

Aurora Craft – VIECC exclusive and limited craft beer

The special top-fermenting beer is made from a rare strain of Aurora hops, it’s brewed by 100 Blumen, a Vienna craft beer brewery, and will be available at the VIECC.

Dark Bean – VIECC exclusive coffee roast that gives you the extra punch

Created on a stormy night and coincidentally struck by lightning in the roaster, these arabica beans embodied the pure essence and form of coffee and its legacy. Helping those in need, be it waking up in the morning, powering through a late night study session for an exam or just enjoying a great cup of coffee, this is the tale of the unsung hero, The Dark Bean.