Fantasy Autoren

Christina Löw

“Puss in Boots” in a different way: In her work "Der Kater unterm Korallenbaum" the journalist and author Christina Löw spins a modern fable about sibling strife and family ties, second chances and dealing with loss as well as the search for one's own identity, using elements of the grim fairy tale.

Elea Brandt

Elea Brandt is a fantasy writer and above all a passionate geek. As a passionate role-player she loves to bring life into complex characters and develop exciting plots. In her book „Legende der Roten Wüste" she takes you into a colourful world from 1001 Nights, in which a cheeky pickpocket, an overstrained ruler and a warrior princess face an ancient power that can only be defeated together.

Ju Honisch

The award-winning author Ju Honisch likes it exciting and black humorous. Also in her work „Machtschattenspiele“ the readers accompany the protagonist Deruonn on an adventurous journey into a difficult to access valley, where the strictly secret library Reyalun lies, trying to preserve all the knowledge that is lost outside in the eternal war. The young archivist Shernay knows what happens to an intruder and tries to save Deruonn. When her violation of the library's law is discovered, Shernay has no choice but to flee with the fascinating stranger. However, Reyalun's world is unpredictable and brutal. The knowledge in Shernays head becomes the commodity and the weapon that could bring victory to any side.

Juliet May

Juliet May's debut novel "Askeria" is a mosaic of different genres and perspectives, elements from Dark Fantasy, Arcane Punk and a bit of thriller. The readers accompany the young protagonist Piara across the golden continent of Mitaeria.  Piara, branded with the mark of an outcast race is searching for answers, however, the continent holds nothing but darkness.

Manuela P. Forst

Manuela P. Forst has completely conspired to create her fantasy series. In her book series “Drachenreiter” she immerses herself in the life of a young wood elf without roots, Linara. She is the only survivor of a bloody attack. Her family was murdered, her village destroyed. She lost everything. Even her memory was taken from her. What has remained is uncertainty. When Linara looks in the mirror, she sees a passionate fighter, a dragon rider. There must be something behind the black wall of oblivion, a past that tells her who she really is.

Mara Lang

For her readers, Mara Lang creates exciting scenes in her book „Das Juwel der Finsternis“, in which a crystal shrouded in legend promises the greatest power. A courageous young woman holds the fate of the realm in her hands. The slave Kea has a powerful gift: she can influence the thoughts of others. Put at the service of the royal family, she manipulates the enemies of the ruler. Soon she arouses the interest of the cavalry master at court. And although she is promised to someone else, she feels attracted to the mysterious man. But the conflict between the peoples threatens to escalate, and Kea does not want to become a pawn - she plans her escape.

Melanie Vogltanz

Melanie Vogltanz - notorious for her Viennese black humour - declares war on the classic happy endings in most of her stories. In her work "Schwarzmondlicht" she publishes dark fantasy beyond the cliché: the members of an association of people with magical abilities, which calls itself "The Circle", are murdered cruelly one after the other. Then the killing stops all of a sudden. Almost twenty years later, magicians die again. While seer and IT technician Taoyama predicts one death after the other, near student Laura Seibach is involuntarily drawn into events whose proportions she cannot guess. What is the murderer's true goal, and what has he been waiting for all these years?

Stefan Cernohuby

The successful editor Stefan Cernohuby has already published many stories in the field of science fiction. In his book "Die Hilfskräfte" he tells the story of the various employees in dungeons. From their tasks, their personal adventures, their own heroic monsters, their favourite traps and their human resources department. Get to know them: The Auxiliaries - The true Dungeon Lords!

Tom and Stephan Orgel

Under the pseudonym T. S. Organ the brothers Tom and Stephan Orgel immerse themselves in fantastic worlds. After a series of short stories, their joint novel "Terra" was published: The Earth has turned into an ecological wreck. The moon is a single mine, now all hope lies in the colonization of Mars. Its terraforming is in full swing, and the raw materials of the red planet are being transported away by space freighters. Jak is a mechanic on board of one of these freighters, which is currently on its way to Earth. What he doesn't know is that one of the containers is stuffed with bombs. For him and his sister Sal, a merciless race against time begins in which nothing less than the fate of planet Earth is at stake.

Werner Skibar

Werner Skibar discovered his love for comics already as a child. Therefore it was only a matter of time before he finally wrote his own books, such as his MORBUS novels: in an irresistible blend of classic horror thriller, urban fantasy, Viennese milieu and detective stories. The series reports on the mysterious cases of a traditional Viennese secret organisation, a private detective and a goth-girl inspired by old legends and legends.