I Still Have A Question!

Do you have a question about VIECC Vienna Comic Con? Contact the VIECC Team via comiccon@reedexpo.at.

What is VIECC Vienna Comic Con?

VIECC Vienna Comic Con is the ultimate fan experience, spanning the latest and greatest from the worlds of comics, movies, television, toys, anime, manga and video games. Bringing the best of pop-culture to Vienna, VIECC’s interactive show floor is packed with exhibitors, panels, screenings, fan-inspired activities, celebrity guests and autograph sessions giving fans a chance to interact with their favorite creators!

Who is the organizer?

VIECC Vienna Comic Con is another killer event by ReedPOP and is organized by Reed Messe Wien. ReedPOP also runs New York Comic Con, C2E2 Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, PAX, Oz Comic-Con, Special Edition: NYC and Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention.

What kind of events can I expect?

Events and entertainment ranging from grand to intimate, with autograph sessions, behind-the-scenes insights, fan movies, costuming workshops and contests, Q&As with celebrities and sneak peeks at the future of pop-culture are all elements of what happen at VIECC Vienna Comic Con. VIECC Vienna Comic Con’s panels, screenings and special events will show off the passion of some of pop-culture’s most dedicated fans and professionals, and a full schedule of events will be publicized approximately one month from the convention. The topics of panels at VIECC Vienna Comic Con range from movies/TV series over cosplay, comics and gaming to special screenings and events.

Can I take Pictures?

For the most part, you're welcome to take pictures and videos at VIECC Vienna Comic Con and share them on social media with the #VIECC; however, please note that all audio and visual recording is prohibited during screenings, concert and during many live stage shows. Also, please understand that Guests may or may not pose for photographs with fans. Guests have a right to their privacy, and if they ask not to have their picture taken, please respect their wishes.

Will I be on Camera?

VIECC Vienna Comic Con attracts local, national, and international press. By attending VIECC Vienna Comic Con, you give your consent to be photographed and appear on camera. You could end up on www.viecc.com, our social media pages or on material published by media companies.

Will Guests sign autographs and take photographs?

Yes, the VIECC Guests will sign autographs and take photographs. If you want one you have to purchase a token. We will provide further details on the token process soon.

Further details on the planned autograph and photograph hours at the VIECC Vienna Comic Con will be announced soon.

Guests will sign your VIECC Program Guide and only officially licensed DVDs, comics, toys and other collectibles, but they will not sign bootleg merchandise. While some guests will sign autographs at no charge, this is ultimately up to the guests' individual discretion.

What is Artist Alley?

Artist Alley is the place to rub elbows with the greatest pencilers, inkers and writers from every corner of comics. Artist Alley is located on the show floor.

Is there parking available ?

Yes, there is the multi-storey car park D at Trabrennstraße and as a VIECC Vienna Comic Con visitor you can get a flat rate at the ticket window. For more information click here.

Where do I find an ATM?

Two ATM are located inside the Messe Wien, in the Mall. Another one is outside, next to the U2-Station Krieau at the Bank Austria.

Do you clear the rooms between panels and screenings?

VIECC Vienna Comic Con will be clearing the Main Stage after each Panel. Only the Main Stage will be cleared after each Panel. No other panel room will be cleared.

In which language will the panels be spoken?

The majority of the panels will be spoken in English since the majority of our guests are from other countries. You will find a flag marking the German and Englisch spoken panels in the online- and print versions of the program.

How much do Tickets cost and where do I get him?

Tickets to VIECC Vienna Comic Con vary in price. Check out our Buy Tickets page for the full breakdown.

Who needs a ticket?

All children 5 years old and under do not need a ticket. They are free every day and must be accompanied by an adult with a valid Adult Ticket.

All children that are between 6-12 years old must purchase a Child Ticket to enter VIECC Vienna Comic Con. All children under 13 years old must have a valid Child Ticket and be accompanied by an adult with a valid Adult Ticket. Please be prepared to show proof of age pre-show.

Visitors from age 13 to 17 need a youth ticket to enter, all visitors aged 18 and over require an adult ticket to visit VIECC Vienna Comic Con.

Where do I get tickets?

>> At the moment there is only one opportunity for you to purchase tickets for VIECC Vienna Comic Con 2019. All tickets are limited in number. To assure your place in VIECC Vienna Comic Con, please book online in advance. Tickets will be more expensive at the door -- if not sold out entirely. So secure your participation at #VIECC and buy your ticket now.

What´s the Refund Policy?

Once you purchase a ticket it is yours to have and to hold forever, well at least until VIECC Vienna Comic Con. Sorry, we don’t offer exchanges or refunds on any VIECC Tickets.

What is the official VIECC Vienna Comic Con Weapons Policy?

For all information about the weapons policy to costuming, check out our behavioral guidelines.

What does VIECC Vienna Comic Con think of Bootlegs?

The buying and selling of counterfeit/knock-off/unlicensed materials is not tolerated at VIECC Vienna Comic Con. VIECC is a celebration of the best of popular culture and bootlegs have no place in the show. Violation of this rule will result in one and only one warning. A second violation and you'll be removed from the show.

Was if I am harassed?

Harassment of any kind, including stalking, deliberate intimidation, unwelcome physical attention, physical assault and battery, will not be tolerated at VIECC Vienna Comic Con. If it's illegal outside the convention center, it's illegal inside the convention center. Harassment is grounds for removal from the convention without refund as well as potential legal action. We want VIECC Vienna Comic Con to be a safe, open and accepting environment for all Fans, and if you find yourself victim of harassment at the convention please come immediately to the VIECC Info Desk.

Can you watch my Kids?

Sorry. VIECC Vienna Comic Con does not provide Child Care services at this time.