Event Venue

Messe Wien
Entrance D
Trabrennstraße 7
1020 Vienna


Opening Hours

Sat, 23 November 2019
Sun, 24 November 2019

Admission starting at 8:00 a.m.


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Arrival & Parking

Arrivals by car

Multi-storey car park A - entrance A / Max-Koppe-Gasse - pay to park 
Multi-storey car park D - entrance D / Trabrennstraße - pay to park


€ 3,00 for the first hour
€ 3,50 for every continuing hour

- A day ticket can be redeemed at the ticket windows on site for € 10,00 per car.

Loss of parking access tickets: € 60,00 per ticket

Cash and cash-free payment facilities are available at car park A and in the multi-storey car parks A and D. There are parking spaces for disabled persons next to the staircases in the multi-storey car parks on every deck. All the multi-storey car parks are equipped with disabled-friendly lifts. 

Vehicles up to a height of 3m can be parked on the ground floor of multi-storey car park D (Trabrennstraße).



Arrivals by public transport

Underground U2 (Karlsplatz – Seestadt)
The ideal exit to entrances A and Congress Center: station „Messe-Prater“
and to entrance D: station „Krieau“

BUS line 11A (Heiligenstadt - Krieau)
Exit to Foyer A: Station „Elderschplatz“ – Footway 7min.
Exit to Foyer D: Station „Sturgasse“ – Footway 5min.

BUS line 80B (Kaiserebersdorf - Krieau)
The ideal exit to entrances A and Congress Center: station „Messe-Prater“
and to entrance D: station „Krieau“

Arrivals by train

SCHNELLBAHN to Praterstern - U2 line in direction Seestadt

UNDERGROUND U3 in direction Simmering to Volkstheater - U2 line in direction Seestadt

Line 5 direction Praterstern to Praterstern – U2 line in direction Seestadt
Line D in direction Hauptbahnhof Ost to Schottentor - U2 line in direction Seestadt
Line 33 in direction Friedrich-Engels-Platz to Friedensbrücke – U4 line in direction Hütteldorf to Schottenring - U2 line in direction Seestadt

UNDERGROUND U2 in direction Seestadt



Florian Schermann

Show Director

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Meika Hausner

Artist Alley

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Jennifer Rassi

Content Manager

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Paul Hammerl

Director Brand PR

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Michelle Kreuzmann

PR Manager

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Hannah Jenke

PR Manager

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Patrick Mittler

Brand Manager

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Lin Zhou

Digital Marketing Manager

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Sebastian Datzreiter

Social Media Manager

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Online Support Hotline

Online-Ticket, Website Login

+43 1 72720 - 7100

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Important Information

Children under 14 are only admitted in the company of an adult.

Please note, permission to smoke shall be strictly limited to specifically signposted outdoor smoking zones. These restrictions apply without exceptions to all covered areas within the grounds to all covered areas within the grounds of the expo complex.

Animals and pets are not allowed on the premises! Exceptions are made for guide dogs for the blind (as defined in § 39a BBG). The owner must provide proof of the guide dog’s inclusion in the Identity Card for Disabled Persons.

Photographs and videos shot on the premises (Messe Wien) may solely be done so for private and non-commercial purposes. Anyone recording static or moving images shall be obliged to acquire the express permission of the exhibitor of the object in question, or of the person whose image is to be taken. Please ensure that subsequent use of such images does not violate the personal or data protection rights of the individuals photographed or filmed.